Historische Wetterbeobachtungskarten aus dem Universitätsarchiv Jena

History of University Archives

Historische Wetterbeobachtungskarten aus dem Universitätsarchiv Jena
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

The University Archives of Friedrich Schiller University Jena provides archival documents about the historical development of the university. It consists of the Historical Archives (1548/58-1990) and the Records Centre (1990 up to now).

The University Archives was founded in 1947 with the aim to keep all documents of the university at a central place. Until this time the records were kept at the registrar's offices of the university administration and the faculties.

In 1942 most of the documents had been kept at the University Main Building due to air-raid protection. As a result of damages of the university building caused by bomb attacks parts of the archival records were destroyed. After the end of World War II the remaining documents were recovered, put in order, catalogued and stored in own rooms after the University Archives was founded. From that time on the University Archives is taking over documents from the registrar's offices of the university and is taking care for their archival description and preservation.

The University Archives gives information on the basis of its resources, provides records for public use and is involved in public relations.

The archival groups range from the middle of 16th century up to now. Therefore the University Archives Jena is one of the largest academic archives in Germany.


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