Eduroam Certificate change

Instructions concerning the certificate change for Eduroam WiFi on 07/26/2022​
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Please re-set up your Eduroam profile by Tuesday, 07/26/2022 to be able to be interruption-free with the new certificate.

Dear University Members,

as the Eduroam certificate of the University of Jena expires, we need to ask you to set up your WLAN connection new until Tuesday, July 26th 2022. The request goes only to those who have set up their WiFi connection before June 2022.

In view of being able to work without interruptions, please set up your Eduroam anew according to the instructions in the wiki of the University Computing Center:

You can perform the reinstallation at home or using any other Internet connection.

All university members were additionally notified by mail.

Thank you very much,
Your University Computer Center