Vier Personen puzzeln gemeinsam ein Gehirn zusammen.

Graduation and then what?

Looking after your mental health during master studies.
Vier Personen puzzeln gemeinsam ein Gehirn zusammen.
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11. Mai 2021, 16:15 Uhr
11. Mai 2021, 17:45 Uhr
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The lecture will be held in English. Language level B2 is recommended.

Working towards the graduation of your MSc degree comes with set of unique challenges: finishing your disertation or research project report, meeting the demands of your supervisor, thinking about your future career and, more recently, dealing with the isolation during the COVID lockdown. Dr. Hendrik Huthoff struggled with an anxiety disorder himself while he was a student and knows from experience the impact mental health problems can have but also how to overcome them!


Lecturer: Dr. Hendrik Huthoff | Head of Education at Jena School for Microbial Communication | University of Jena

  • Furthermore, Dr. Huthoff is the coordinator of the MHFA first aid training at University of Jena. "Stress? Depressed? Burn out? Emotionally vulnerable? – The Mental Health First Aid team is here to support you!" Please do not hesitate to contact the MHFA-Team.


If you want to participate, please register until 10.05.2021.

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