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Challenges of starting an Academic Career in the Global North

How students from the Global South can handle them
Schuhe vor gezeichneten Hindernissen
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The event gives an overview of the hindrances young researchers from the Global South might face when starting an academic career in the Global North. The event includes keynote speeches and a panel discussion with academics who have successfully mastered a career in universities and research institutes in the Global North. Moreover, the event is a network opportunity for students and researchers both from the Global South and the Global North.

Students from the Global South will find inspiration and get ideas on how to plan their career. The event also aims to raise awareness to the challenges and barriers of an academic career, in order to find ways to overcome them.

Preliminary Programme

  • Opening address 
    Dr. Gunda Huskobla
  • Building an academic career in the Global North – pros and cons
    PD. Dr. Felista L. Tansi, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olfa Kanoun
  • Internationality as your USP (unique selling point)
    Dr. Charles Huber
  • Statement of problems
    Dr. Anthony Chukwubuikem
  • Panel discussion 
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olfa Kanoun, Dr. Charles Huber,  Dr. Luiz Gadelha, PD Dr. Felista L. Tansi

The event is organised by Gaurvanshi Gupta and Bolaji Samuel who are students supported in the Honours Programme of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. We look forward to your participation!