We are doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who conduct research on diasporas and meet regularly in the international doc.kolleg as part of the Research Network 'Diaspora Studies'. Our group includes research assistants and fellows of the FSU Jena as well as associated members from other (non)European universities (Project Participants de). We come from Korea, Palestine, Turkey and Germany, and speak German or English in the doc.kolleg. In the Kolleg we present the developments of our research, discuss important texts on diaspora research, organize joint events and work on joint publications. The doc.kolleg is supervised by Link Prof. Sebastian Henn de and Link  Prof. Michael Wermke de and takes place both during the lecture period and the semester break. We cordially invite junior researchers who share our interest in diaspora research to participate. Since the Kolleg is digitally transmitted, participation is possible at any time without any problems. Please feel free to contact the doc.kolleg coordinator Stefan van der Hoek.

Fahed Al-Janabi (M.A.) Expand entry
Fahed Al-Janabi Fahed Al-Janabi Image: Privat

Fahed Al-Janabi writes his doctoral thesis under the title: Parenthood and migration: an empirical study of the educational needs of migrant women from Arabic-speaking countries


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Seyma Aksoy (M.A.) Expand entry
Seyma Aksoy Seyma Aksoy Image: Privat

Seyma Aksoy is writing her doctoral thesis entitled: The Influence of German-Turkish Relations on the Turkish Education System in the First Era (1923-1946) of the Turkish Republic.

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Matthias Hannemann Expand entry
Matthias Hannemann Matthias Hannemann Image: Privat

Matthias Hannemann is writing his doctoral thesis under the title: Barriers to Attracting International Workers in Structurally Weak Regions: Emotions, Political Identities, Right-Wing Populist Resentment, and Entrepreneurial Practices: the Example of Eastern Thuringia.

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Dr. Sungsoo Hong Expand entry
Dr. Sungsoo Hong Dr. Sungsoo Hong Image: Privat

Dr. Sungsoo Hong  habilitated on a thesis entitled:  "Simultaneity of the Unequal. New Spatial Orders and Paradoxes as a Challenge for Religious Education

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Minseok Kang (M.A.) Expand entry
Minseok Kang Minseok Kang Image: Privat

Minseok Kang writes his doctoral thesis under the title: Public Religious Education in a Closed Society: The Role of the Religious Education Journal "Die Christenlehre" in the GDR

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Barbara Meier (M.A.) Expand entry

Barbara Meier is writing her doctoral thesis under the title: Everyday Geopolitics: Transnational Identifications and Aspirations in affective encounters with University Students in Bishkek and Osh (Kyrgyzstan)

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Franziska Sandkühler (M.A.) Expand entry
Franziska Sandkühler Franziska Sandkühler Image: Susen Heyder

Franziska Sandkühler is writing her doctoral thesis under the title: Contested Muslimness - Relationships of Religious Minority Organizations and their Transnationalization.

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Rawan Tahboub (M.A.) Expand entry
Rawan Tahboub Rawan Tahboub Image: Privat

Rawan Tahboub is writing her doctoral thesis entitled: Virtual Exchange as a Mechanism for Digital Education in Reconciliation Process - Transdisciplinary Research.

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Stefan van der Hoek (M.A.) Expand entry
Stefan van der Hoek Stefan van der Hoek Image: Privat

Stefan van der Hoek is writing his doctoral thesis under the title: Otherness as an identity-creating marking of self and other.

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