View of Ernst-Abbe-Platz in Jena from above.

Strategic development

The University of Jena's strategy papers provide a framework for future development.
View of Ernst-Abbe-Platz in Jena from above.
Image: Christoph Worsch

In recent years, the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena has accomplished significant successes in research and teaching. In order to secure these achievements and continue the positive development, a strategy process has been set up, which should also take into account the changing framework conditions.

The development of strategy papers on research, teaching, the promotion of young researchers and transfer to society is intended to provide a framework for the future development of the University of Jena.

Based on this, strategies for internationalisation and digitalisation were developed, with the latter being continuously refined. The sustainability strategy is still being drawn up. Strategies for administration and student marketing are to follow.

The texts do not provide a programme in terms of content or organization, but rather they are intended to help shape future activities and thus outline the University's strategy for the coming years. Complemented by the mission statement, a recognizable profile is created both within and outside the University.

In Progress

  • Sustainability

In Planning

  • Communications and Marketing
  • Further areas, if applicable