Excellence Cluster Balance of the Microverse Jena
Cluster of Excellence "Balance of the Microverse"
With the cluster of excellence "Balance of the Microverse" the university is successful in the German Excellence Strategy Programme.
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Excellence Cluster Balance of the Microverse Jena
Image: Anna Schroll

Latest News from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

symbolic picture virus
Information on Coronavirus
Studying and working during the corona pandemic
Dr. Tobias Vogl aligns an optical chip with a quantum light source.
The goal is quantum technology for everyday use
New Junior research group “Integrated Quantum Systems” receives 3.3 million euros in funding from Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Dr Will Overholt and Prof. Kirsten Küsel during water analyses in the field.
Life in the earth’s interior as productive as in some ocean waters
Researchers discover microbes in pitch-dark aquifers as important primary producers
Mechanoluminescent material during an experiment.
Exciting light emission and measuring temperature with ultrasound
Scientists at the University of Jena develop mechanoluminescent material systems
Prof. Dr Wolfgang Weigand discusses with his colleague Dr Mario Grosch via Zoom
How the first biomolecules could have been formed
International team led by researchers from the University of Jena shows that the first biologically relevant compounds could have originated on Earth's surface
A rare record of two adult jaguars foraging together.
Photos of Amazon animals supply extensive collection of biodiversity data
Large-scale use of camera trap data can help improve wildlife conservation
Petri dish with an algae culture into which bacterial extracts were introduced.
Of biosystems and energy-rich chemicals
Two University of Jena Collaborative Research Centres awarded further funding by DFG
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