A research assistant receives her vaccination by the occupational health service.

Vaccination options for students

Here students can find out where and how they can get a Covid-19 vaccination
A research assistant receives her vaccination by the occupational health service.
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

Currently, there are three options for students to receive a Covid-19 vaccination, regardless of where they are registered. But as a foreign student, a vaccination in Germany is only possible with a German health insurance.

Vaccination options:

1. At a vaccination centre Show content

You can book an appointment at a vaccination centre. You can find them in Jena Lobeda and at the Volksbad near the bus station in the city centre of Jena. In Lobeda they use the vaccine from BioNTech, at the Volksbad they use BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson. But there are also vaccination centres in other towns.

You can select other vaccination centres and book your appointment via the portal impfen-thueringen.de (German only). There you can see which vaccines are used in the respective vaccination centre. You will automatically get a second appointment if you choose the vaccine from BioNTech or Moderna.

You can book an appointment as well by phone at the following number:
Tel: +49 3643 - 49 50 49 0
(Mon, Tue, Thu: 8 a. m. - 5 p. m.; Wed, Fri: 8 a. m. - noon)

2. At GP practices Show content

You can ask your general practitioner for a vaccination appointment. If you do not have a general practitioner in Jena, you can find doctors in private practice who still offer vaccination appointments at www.sofort-impfen.de (German only). You can register on the website and you will be informed as soon as a vaccination appointment is available in your area.

3. By the occupational health service Show content

So far, the offer can only be made to university employees - but academic assistants and student assistants are included. You can book an appointment at the university portal at impfen-covid.uni-jena.de (German only).

4. Via the German online plattform "impfrettung.de" Show content

Since mid-July, doctors and vaccination centres in Thuringia can report leftover vaccine on the new internet portal impfrettung.de (German only). Those willing to be vaccinated can register there and book a vaccination appointment on the same day.


Which vaccine you get usually depends on where you get vaccinated and which vaccine is available there.

For a vaccination with the mRNA vaccines from BioNTech and Moderna, two vaccinations are required for full vaccination protection. It is important that you attend the second appointment.

With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, only one vaccination is necessary to obtain full protection.

Further information on the vaccines can be obtained from the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

You are not in Jena?

Then it's best to find out about your vaccination options locally. Every federal state in Germany now offers flexible vaccination appointments in vaccination centres or GP practices.

Further information about vaccination appointments in the federal states of Germany can be found here (German only).

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