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Campus ID, WiFi, Library

How do I receive a campus ID? How can I use WiFi?
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Campus ID card

The Thuringian university student card, or Thoska, is a multifunction campus card, which allows you to identify yourself as a doctoral candidate of Jena University, use the library, photocopy or scan documents, and pay by card in the canteens and cafeterias.

For enrolled doctoral candidates the Thoska also acts as a pass ('Semesterticket') for free travel on public transport in Jena and regional rail services throughout Thuringia. Travel information, prices and timetables are available on the websites of JeNah (Buses and trams in Jena) and Deutsche Bahn (German railways).

Please note: The credit on the Thoska can not be paid out or transferred. It has to be consumed, before the card expires.

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Enrolled doctoral candidates
You will receive your Thoska after enrolling. The form for the Thoska is part of the application for enrolment.

Jena University employees
After your employment contract has been finalised you can apply for a staff Thoska de.

Doctoral Candidates who are neither employee nor enrolled
If you are not an Jena University employee and you do not want to enrol at the University, you can apply for a Thoska as an associated member de of the University. This does not include any discounts, but can be used as an identification card, library card and payment card. The prerequisite for the application is that you are registered in doc-in and have been accepted as a doctoral candidate by your faculty. Please contact the Welcome and Service Desk for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs for the issuance of the card.

If you are an employee at the University Hospital, you will receive a distinct Thoska from there.

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My Thoska is not working or is missing. What do I do?
Please report to the responsible Thoska office. The re-equipment will cost 10€ for enrolled doctoral candidates and 30€ for employees and members.

My name has changed. What do I do?
You may have a new card issued at the responsible Thoska office for free.

University computer centre / e-mail-address / WiFi

The University Computer Centre ('Universitätsrechenzentrum' – URZ) makes its services available to all students, employees, and guests of the University. The university computer center account contains:

How can I set up a University Computer Centre (URZ) user account? Expand entry

With your admission as a doctoral candidate, you will be provided with a URZ account. You must activate this account at the beginning. If you have already studied at the University of Jena, the account is usually reactivated by your admission.

If you are an employee of the University of Jena, you will receive your access data directly from the University Computer Centre. Please contact the IT Service Centre de. If your employment contract ends but you continue to work on your doctorate, you will keep your URZ account until the doctorate procedure is completed.

If you enrol as a doctoral candidate, you will receive the data to activate your account with your enrolment documents. If you exmatriculate, the URZ account remains active until the completion of your doctoral procedure.

If you are neither employed nor enrolled, you will receive the data for activating your URZ account from the Graduate Academy. Please contact the Welcome and Service Desk for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs.

Please note: The account is valid until 30 September of each year. The account is automatically renewed with the annual status update in doc-in.

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How can I access scientific databases from external computers?
You need to install a piece of software ("VPN client") in order to access the university network from external computers. You can access the scientific databases via the library home page. For more information, click here de (in German).

How can I register for events in Friedolin?
You need a computer centre account to register. In case you cannot log on to Friedolin using your computer centre account, please use the online ticket system of Friedolin to place a help request. Your enquiry will be dealt with immediately by the staff of Friedolin service desk.

Why is the computer centre account temporary?
The university computer centre account enables you to access scientific databases and software. In order to maintain this level of service, the number of users needs to be limited according to the respective licensing agreements and user rights must be reviewed regularly.

What software can I use with my URZ account?
Software use differs according to which user group you belong to:

  • If you are an employee of the university, you can find an overview of the software that can be used here.
  • If you are enrolled as a doctoral candidate, you will find an overview of the software you can use here.
  • If you are neither employed nor enrolled as a doctoral candidate, you can also use software products. Please contact Software Acquisition for information on the products that can be used (softwarebeschaffung@uni-jena.de).

When my employment contract ends, will I still have access to my computer centre account?
Yes. You will keep your account until the end of the doctoral procedure. Please note that some software licences are only available to employees and enrolled doctoral candidates (see question about software use).

If I exmatriculate, do I still have access to my computer centre account?
Yes. You will keep your account until the completion of the doctoral procedure. Please note that some software licences are only available to employees and enrolled doctoral candidates (see question about software use).

I would like to change my email address. What do I need to do?
Please use the form on this website. You can also define an interim period during which you can use both your old and new email addresses.


The Thuringian State and University Library (ThULB) can be used by all members of the university. The ThULB has several libraries in the Jena city area. You will find an overview including opening hours on this page.

Please note: Current information on restrictions due to Corona can be found here.

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Library use is only possible if you have a thoska. You must register in person at the Central Loan Desk of the ThULB and activate your user account. For the activation you need a valid thoska and an identity document (identity card, passport with current registration certificate or residence permit). 

Information on the services and use of the ThULB Expand entry
Advisory services Expand entry
  • General questions about the services are answered in the ThULB chat, by telephone (03641/9404 100), in writing or at the information desks on site.
  • The ThULB's subject-specific librarians will be happy to assist you with subject-specific enquiries to the ThULB.
  • Further contact persons and contact details can also be found on the ThULB website
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How can I borrow, return and renew books?
In the ThULB there are borrowable and non-borrowable media. As a doctoral candidate, you can borrow media that can be borrowed for 28 days at the Central Loan Desk or self-check-out counters. In most cases, you can also renew a loan up to 3 times online in your user account, as long as it has not been earmarked by another user. You can recognise items that cannot be borrowed by two yellow stripes on the back of the book.

Where can I find subject-specific databases?
You can access the subject-specific databases via the ThULB homepage or directly via the database information system (DBIS). You can access databases licensed by the ThULB that are only accessible on the Uninetz directly if you are working on a computer within the university network or on a computer in the ThULB. For access from outside, you need to install a software ("VPN Client") on your device. You can find more information on VPN access here de.

How can I copy and scan?
In the library sections, you will find copy, print and scan stations that you can use with your charged thoska. If you want to scan parts from books, please use the special book-friendly reflected-light scanners. Copying with coins is possible in the main library building and in the Law, Economics and Social Sciences section library.

How does interlibrary loan work?
Literature that is not available in Jena libraries and is not accessible online can be ordered from other libraries via interlibrary loan. Ordering a book or an essay costs a fee of 1.50 euros. Ordered books or essays are delivered as paper copies.
For interlibrary loan, you must apply online for an interlibrary loan account and book loans to this account. You must then pay the fees with your thoska at the ThULB. After payment, you can order the books or articles via the the GVK - GBV Union Catalogue. As your user name, you must enter the number on the back of your thoska under the barcode (usually 0027...). You will be informed of your password after you have set up your interlibrary loan account. You can find more information here.

I can't find a book in the Thulb and not via interlibrary loan. What can I do?
You can propose to the Thulb to acquire this book. In this way, it will be available for loan in Jena. You can use this (german) form to do so.

How can I book a lockable individual workstation (carrel)?
In the main library building and in some library sections, lockable individual workstations (carrels) are available in addition to the workstations in the reading areas. These can either be used on the current day without prior reservation (daily carrels) or booked in advance for a period of up to one month (weekly or monthly carrels) via the carrel booking system.

What courses does the ThULB offer?
The ThULB offers various training courses that may be of interest to doctoral candidates. For example, there are introductions to the literature management programmes Citavi and Endnote or introductions to library use and research (in German and English). There are also subject-specific training courses for doctoral candidates. The subject specialists at the ThULB are available as contact persons and for making appointments. The Graduate Academy also offers some of these courses in English as part of its qualification programme.