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Career-oriented studies

Keeping your goal in sight
job offer
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

Create and organize your own future

Even children ponder about what they are going to do for a career later in life. This issue, however, becomes very important before a student takes up their studies as the decision to embark on a particular study programme also always results in a narrowing down of the professional field entered afterward. Having said that, most students are still not completely clear, even by the end of their studies, about precisely which professions are worth considering now that they have graduated. And it is precisely this uncertainty that is becoming harder and harder to predict on top of everything else. Clear job descriptions continue to vanish in favour of activity descriptions in specific professional fields. Nowadays you can no longer say what you will do exactly later on if you are for example, a chemist, since chemists can take on various roles in research, marketing, sales, administration, publishing, or else in scientific journalism. In each of these fields of activity, there are different requirements and expectations for applicants. 

One option for preparing yourself for what can happen after your studies, as well as selecting a direction from the countless options, is to get to grips with professional fields early on.