Business trip service

Information on the planning of business trips and travel expense accounting

Travel expense legislation is based on the principle of reimbursement, which means that the traveller pays the costs incurred and later claims them from the employer by submitting a travel expense report. Only costs incurred during and necessary for the performance of official business are reimbursable. The Thuringian Travel Expenses Act (Thüringer Reisekostengesetz, ThürRKG) provides the framework for reimbursement. Please note in particular that the Office for Travel Expenses must receive the application for reimbursement of travel expenses in writing or electronically no later than three months after the end of the trip or after knowledge, that the trip will not be started; otherwise the expenses cannot be reimbursed.

The most important information on

  • the accounting modalities for employees, trainees and guests of Friedrich Schiller University,
  • circulars,
  • excursions,
  • as well as all necessary forms

are available in HanFRIED de.

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