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Energy management

Lightbulb in the grass
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Energy and utilities report

The university’s energy and utilities report is available here de.

Main services

  • contact point for all utility-related matters (electricity, heating and laboratory gas, district heating, water, wastewater etc)
  • statistical services
  • statutory reporting
  • utilities reporting
  • responding to enquiries (e.g. from users in relation to their construction activities, research work, benchmarkinge etc)
  • registration and de-registration of utility delivery points
  • quarterly consumption monitoring (comparing present with previous property consumption rates). In the event of significant deviations, we carry out a root cause analysis in cooperation with our Section for Technical Infrastructure.

Owing to the current energy crisis, we have updated our user instructions. Please visit Energy crisis  defor more information on how you can help us to be more sustainable.


  1. Majonek, Benjamin Division 4
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Energy Management
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