Schiller figure in front of sky


That is why you shoul become a part of our community of good friends.
Schiller figure in front of sky
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

That is why you should become a member:

As a member of the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, you support committed young people, pioneering research, and the dialogue between academia and society. Our annual Members' Meeting and our network offer you a privileged access to the University’s Executive Board as well as to the students and researchers of Jena University. Staying connected to your University and to the many people who shape its future, is a benefit in its own. The Society of Friends and Patrons is big, but we are all individuals. Every person and every contribution matters in our community of friends and supporters.

Annual contribution

Private members: minimum contribution: €45
Companies and associations: minimum contribution: €45
Students: free membership
Graduates: free membership for two years

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IBAN: DE78 8204 0000 0253 9609 00

What we offer:

Events: As a member, you are a welcome guest at all important university events. You receive a special invitation to the annual Schillertag and University Summer Festival.

Information: Upon request, you will receive the research magazine Lichtgedanken twice a year, which gives you insights into current and upcoming research projects. A letter from the president is currently being developed.

Network: As a friend of our University, you are part of a special network, which particularly includes graduates, sponsors, businesses, and scientists.

Benefits: Members are granted free admission to all museums of the University.