Schiller figure in front of sky


Main areas of action
Schiller figure in front of sky
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

Main areas of action:

The members of the society share one mission: We want to improve the framework conditions for research and teaching at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and increase the innovative potential of our alma mater. To this end, we offer material and non-material support and are personally involved in various projects.

Scope of support Expand entry
  • national and international conferences
  • seminars outside the University and field trips
  • printing allowances
  • prizes for outstanding final, doctoral and postdoctoral theses
  • scholarships and emergency funds
  • student projects
  • University collections
  • cultivating and maintaining relations with the city and economy
  • commemorative plaques
Promotion of research and teaching Expand entry

Since 1992, the University of Jena has been a member of the COIMBRA GROUP, an association of old traditional European universities dedicated to promoting academic cooperation in all fields. Within the framework of the Coimbra Group Hospitality Scheme, the Friends and Patrons have awarded scholarships to foreign scientists for a research stay at the University of Jena.

The support of national and international conferences in Jena, the regular awarding of prizes for outstanding final, doctoral and postdoctoral theses, and the allocation of printing allowances for scientific publications are further priorities of support.

Promotion of relations between university, economy and citizens Expand entry

Every year on the last Friday in June, the Schillertag (Schiller Day) takes place. A ceremony at this dies academicus, which commemorates the inaugural lecture of the university's namesake in 1789, also honours the doctoral candidates and promotes the close connection between them and the alma mater. The highlight of this day is the University Summer Festival, which the University has been celebrating for years together with its friends and patrons. de

Promotion of the community of students and lecturers Expand entry

Supporting student projects that could not be carried out at all or could only be carried out to a limited extent without the help of society is particularly important. The Society supports student initiatives in the areas of art, culture, and sports and provides grants for seminars outside the University and field trips on current scientific topics. The Society also supports the academic cultivation of music—including the annual court opera in the courtyard of the main university building—as well as student projects, such as film projects in media studies.

Keeping traditions alive Expand entry

The society promotes projects and exhibitions on the University’s history, finances commemorative plaques for renowned members of the University at their domains in Jena, and helps to preserve the cultural and art treasures and the collections of the Alma Mater Jenensis.