Living in the city of Jena

Finding an accomodation in Jena

Information about housing options for newly arriving researchers
Living in the city of Jena
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

In recent years, Jena has experienced an increased economic growth. This development is rather positive. On the other hand, it has resulted in a significant population increase. It is therefore quite difficult to find a reasonable accommodation in Jena. You should thus deal with your future accommodation in Jena at an early stage of your preparation.

If you are entering the country, you can stay in a hotel, hostel, or in a private accommodation in the first few days and search for another accommodation on site.

Guest houses of university

guesthouse IBZ Humboldt-Haus
guesthouse IBZ Humboldt-Haus
Image: Manuela Lindig

The University operates three guest houses for which you can also apply from abroad. If there are rooms/flats available, you can stay there for up to two years. If you find this option suitable for you, please send a booking form to the guest house management team of the University.

You can find more information here.

Student dormitory (only enrolled doctoral candidates)

Dormitory in Friesweg 1
Dormitory in Friesweg 1
Image: Studierendenwerk

You can also apply for a room at the student dormitories of Studierendenwerk. Accommodations consist predominantly of single rooms and single apartments. For these rooms you need to enrol at the university, but you can do that once you are here.

You can find an overview of the dormitories hereExternal link. An application is possbile hereExternal link. It is also possible to apply from abroad. 


Regularly, you can come across false adverts published in online property portals. Beware of any adverts in which top flats are offered at surprisingly low price. Do not pay for a flat that you have not visited.

The private housing market

On the private housing market you can search for an apartment on the following websites (unfortunately, most announcements are in German):

If you don't find anything in Jena on these websites, it may also be worth looking in the region around Jena. You can find flats and rooms in Weimar, Gera or Kahla. Jena is very easy to reach by public transport from these cities.

Short-term accommodations

If you are arriving from abroad, you can also stay in a hotel, hostel or with a private host for the first few days. Then you can address the issue of finding accommodation on the spot. On the following pages you will find offers for short-term accommodation: