globe inf ront of university main building


globe inf ront of university main building
Image: B. Salheiser

Since 1558, the University of Jena embodies awakening and open-mindedness, freedom of faith and of science. Its appealing study and research environment attract scientists, scholars, and students from around the world. The University shapes the city’s image of a future-oriented and cosmopolitan location.

In the focal research areas  Light, Life, Liberty the University pools its top research. It constantly places its trust in an interdisciplinary approach and an international character. You can access the Strategy 2025 - Internationalization here.

If you would like to network more internationally, gain experience abroad, or come to Jena to study or do research, you will find information  on the pages below. The International Office is a competent contact for internationally mobile academics and students.


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Studying internationally

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International research, teaching and continuing education

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International networks

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International university: facts and figures

Increased popularity
In the recent years, the number of international students has increased steadily. In comparison to 969 students in 2008, there were almost 2,600 foreign students studying at the University in 2022. This is slightly less than 15% of all students, i.e. 17,539