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No online teaching without computers. That is why we need your donations!
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Graphic: André Karliczek

Information for donors

Do you have an obsolete, working notebook, android tablet or iPad that you could donate to our students? If so, please contact

We will gladly accept your used device. We will permanently and reliably delete all data and install new software so that students can take part in all online teaching offers. Your old notebook will come to life again in virus-free and sustainable way. This helps you, the environment and our students. We would be happy if you could support us!

The devices should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • at least 4GB RAM
  • at least 100GB hard drive / SSD
  • no older than 10 years

If you are unsure whether your device meets these requirements, you can send us an email. Our colleagues will then check the suitability of your device.

You want to learn more about the campaign? See here for some facts and figures about the “Laptop Donation Campaign”.

Information for students

Do you urgently need a donated laptop or tablet for your studies? Send an email to You can loan a device free of charge for one semester. The loan period can be extended if necessary.

We offer technical supportde for students who have already received a donated device.

Device features Show content

The available devices are used, still working laptops and tablets, which we receive as a donation. We prepare the devices before delivery so that you can get started with your work.

The open-source operating system Ubuntu and basic application software are installed on each device. On our website, you will find installation instructions and tips for using the devices.

If necessary, you can change the operating system and application software. In this case, please refer to the software offers for students on the website of the University Computer Centre.

To personalize the device, you will be asked to enter a user name and password after switching on. Please make a note of your entries. Unfortunately, we can only help you to a very limited extent to recover forgotten user data.

Terms of use Show content

The device remains the property of the Friedrich Schiller University, please handle it with care. It will be handed over to you for use free of charge for one semester and must be returned at the end of this period. The loan period can be extend every semester until the end of your studies.

If you no longer need the device, you can return it at any time. Please contact us by email. After returning the device, personal data will be deleted and the device will be refurbished again so that it is available for other students.

The user regulations of the Thuringian State and University Library (ThULB) apply.

Detailed information and support

Symbolbild FAQ
Facts and figures: Answers to important questions about the campaign
Eine Studentin arbeitet an einem Laptop.
Technical support for students: Support for donated devices

THANKS to our donors!

We receive donations from both private individuals and companies as well as from university working groups that no longer need the equipment for research and teaching. A heartfelt thank you to all donors!

Here are two representative examples:

ZEISS supports the "Laptop Donation Campaign”

We are very happy about ten laptops which we received on 18 July 2020. The photo shows Marco Reformat (right), employee of ZEISS Corporate Information Technology in Jena, handing over the laptops to Anke Böttcher (left) from the IT department of the ThULB.  

Marco Reformat (ZEISS; rechts) übergibt für die Aktion Laptopspende zehn Laptops an an Anke Böttcher (ThULB; links). Image: ZEISS

Donation from HUK-COBURG Dienstleistung GmbH

Joyful smiles behind masks: On 20 May 2020 we were able to accept 15 used notebooks from HUK-COBURG Dienstleistung GmbH. Thank you for this generous donation!

The following people witnessed the handover (from left to right): Claudia Hilbert (Assistant to the President's Office), Michael Lörzer (Director of the ThULB), Sara Kolbe (HUK-COBURG Dienstleistung GmbH Jena), Karsten Leydolph (Deputy Head of the Department of Information Management and Information Systems at the ThULB), Luise Rieger (HUK-COBURG Dienstleistung GmbH Jena), Dr. Frederik Schulz (Head of the Office Digital University), Dr. Astrid Urban (Executive Assistant to the President).

Laptopspende in der ThULB Image: Frederik Schulz

What students say about the campaign

I am very happy about the University's donation campaign for those in need. Especially in my study programme Chemistry, a laptop is indispensable. Besides lectures and seminars, colloquia are also held digitally. In addition, we have to prepare some experimental protocols for practical experiments, which require access to software programmes. Therefore, a personal laptop is of enormous importance in this digital semester. Since we are not sufficiently equipped with laptops or similar devices in our household (also due to poor internet availability), the donation campaign of the University is a great help. Only through this donation campaign can I imagine to complete the semester satisfactorily and successfully.

Bastian, student

The “Laptop Donation Campaign” in the media

The Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk reported about the "Laptop Donation Campaign". Here you can read or watch the reports:

Behind the scenes: What happens to the donated devices

Eine Mitarbeiterin der ThULB desinfiziert einen Laptop.
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