Field site Jena Experiment


Field site Jena Experiment
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

Biodiversity is defined as ‘variability amongst organisms of all origins (…), and the ecological complexes to ich they belong. This includes the range within the species and the range of ecosystems’ (German Biodiversity Convention, art. 2).

The aim of this main research area is to conceive biological diversity in its complexity, and to provide and analyze scientific data on a global level. Additionally,  sustainable strategies, solutions and utilization concepts for policy makers shall be developed, in order to stop any further loss of biodiversity.

Here, we focus specifically on terrestrial ecosystems and the therein encompassed diversity at plant, animal and microbial level above- and belowground.

Research Projects and Facilities

Moth scanner for automatized species identification.
The joint project AMMOD (Automated Multisensor station for Monitoring Of species Diversity) works on the automatization of species identification and monitoring.