Generation of a virtual infection model.

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Generation of a virtual infection model.
Image: Anna Schroll (HKI)

Systems biology uses a holistic approach to investigate biological systems, from molecular levels to behavior and biomechanics. Bioinformatics provides the infrastructure to address such holistic questions, by using, for example, high throughput analyses and simulation-based models.

The focal research area Bioinformatics and Systems Biology focuses on high throughput analyses of genome, transcriptome, proteome and metabolome data of various research fields such as microbiology, biodiversity and infection biology. With this, the research area Bioinformatics and Systems Biology is centered within the other areas of the Profile Line.

Additionally, institutions of this research area support the digitalization process of research data in all fields of natural sciences and humanities.

Research Projects and Facilities

A server system to analyze big data sets.
Michael Stifel Center for Data-driven & Simulation Science (MSCJ)
The aim of the MSCJ is to promote data-driven and simulation-based science by connecting natural sciences and humanities with mathematics and computer science.


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