Jena - a paradise for students

Mentoring programmes

Support for international students after arrival and during their studies
Jena - a paradise for students
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The Friedrich Schiller University Jena greets numerous students from all over the world each semester. Academic systems in foreign countries are often different than in Germany. Everyday life is also not the same as in the students' and guest students' home countries. The International Office helps to eliminate uncertainties, facilitate the start of studies, and also to support international degree-seeking students in difficult situations during the course of their studies, in addition to the offers of the individual subjects. To achieve this, we offer two different mentoring programmes in collaboration with volunteer students.

international students inform themselves about studying in Jena
Support from mentors after arrival
Conversation of academic mentors
Assistance from student mentors and academic staff during degree-seeking studies
Giving support during the studies
Subject-specific initial support for refugees
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Support for the First Steps in Jena
This episode is about the support for international students in Jena directly after their arrival and while studying through the mentoring programmes of the International Office.
Graphic: Sabine Müller
Audio: University of Jena

Get to know the mentoring programmes and the mentee Mateo in Episode 6 of our Podcast "Uni Jena international".