Performance reviews at the University of Jena

Performance reviews at the University of Jena

Performance reviews are a recognized communication and leadership tool that has also been introduced at Friedrich Schiller University Jena to promote teamwork between staff and managers. We see communication as the essential basis for successful teamwork between employees and their departmental supervisors. That’s why Friedrich Schiller University Jena advises its executive staff to conduct regular and structured conversations with all employees.

Three different types of conversation are recommended for exchanges with employees at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena:

  • Performance review with all employees
  • Progress update with doctoral candidates
  • Career talks with post-docs

The focus of the conversation will vary depending on the target group and qualification phase of each member of staff. We have developed guidelines to structure and record the discussions, as well as a brochure to provide an overview of the three types of conversation at Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the focal points of each method.

Our brochures on performance reviews, career talks and progress updates are available in German and English hereExternal link.

Minutes of meetings

Our guidelinesExternal link provide an overview of conversation topics and ideas on how to structure the discussions. However, you are free to set your own focus. The guidelines can also be consulted to record minutes of meetings.

Training courses

We provide employees and managers with regular training courses for performance reviews. Our seminars introduce performance reviews as an important staff management tool, and we discuss the challenges and opportunities of such meetings. Based on the guidelines published by Friedrich Schiller University Jena, we discuss the process and key topics of performance reviews and give tips on how to conduct a meeting.

Key topics:

  • The opportunities and challenges created by performance reviews
  • Basic information on the categorization and course of performance reviews based on the guidelines of Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • Responsibilities and roles in performance reviews
  • How to conduct a performance review
  • How to deal with difficult situations / conflicts
  • Conversation techniques and conflict resolution strategies
  • Exercises and training units for performance review techniques

Our upcoming seminars can be found hereExternal link.

We will be happy to help you introduce performance reviews within your department/team.

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