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Extend your academic horizon

Have you always dreamed of listening to a lecture about the Etruscan art or finally understanding linear algebra? Our faculties offer various courses to all interested persons who want to take part in further training, are keen to learn something new, or just want to get a taster of a new field of study. You can take part in the programme regardless of your age, background, school-leaving certificate, or your professional qualifications. The only thing you need is a thirst for knowledge.

  • Current courses

    We publish new courses shortly before the start of the lecture period twice a year: at the end of September and at the end of March. All faculties offer exciting learning opportunities. Have you already look at the current programme pdf, 1 mb · de[PDF 232KB]?

  • Application form

    If you want to participate in our courses for occasional students, you have to apply first. Please download and print the application formpdf, 115 kb · de [PDF 232KB].

  • Costs

    To participate in the programme, you must pay a fee of €50 per semester. You can pay the participation fee by transferring the money to the University’s bank account or in person at the help desk of the Student Service Centre by debit card.

    If you receive social benefits, e.g. unemployment benefits, a pension, or similar benefits, the participation fee may be reduced to €25, provided you submit an official document as a proof of your status in the original version.

    If you are about to transfer the fee to the University’s bank account, please use these data:

    IBAN: DE09 8200 0000 0083 0015 03
    BIC: MARKDEF1820 (Deutsche Bundesbank Erfurt)
    Reference code: 10000-01-204130 family name, first name of the applicant

    If you are about to pay by debit card, you will receive a confirmation of your status as occasional student immediately. Otherwise, you must submit the account statement confirming your payment first to receive the confirmation.

  • Admission

    Admission as an occasional student is granted upon applications and decision of the faculties which take the study options available in account. To apply, please use the application formpdf, 115 kb · de [PDF 232KB].

    If you submit the application to the Student Service Centre in person, you must provide:

    • your validID card or passport
    • the unemployment benefit confirmation/pension statement in their original versions (if applicable).

    If you send the application by post, you must enclose:

    • a copy of the valid ID card or passport
    • a copy of the unemployment benefit confirmation/pension statement, a copy of your payment slip (if applicable)
    • a self-addressed envelope.

    If there are no places available, your application may be rejected.

  • Auditor card

    Admission as an occasional student is valid for one semester. To certify your status, you will be given a special confirmation.

    If you pay the participation fee by debit card, you will receive a confirmation of your status as occasional student immediately. Otherwise, you must submit the account statement confirming your payment first to receive the confirmation by post.

    As an occasional student, you can use the University’s facilities and can attend the courses listed on your confirmation.

    You must provide the confirmation to the teaching staff before the beginning of each course.

  • Application deadline and course frequency

    You must submit the application form pdf, 115 kb · de[PDF 232KB] to the Student Service Centre (SSC) by the beginning of the lecture period, but not later than by 15 October (for the winter semester) or by 15 April (for the summer semester).

    The courses are usually held on a weekly basis during lecture periods.

  • Participation in other courses

    If you want to participate in courses from the general course catalogueExternal link which are not listed in the current programme for occasional students, you must be given consent from the course leaders, including their signatures for the confirmation of your status as an occasional student.

    If the admission to such courses is restricted or the demand is particularly high, usually occasional students cannot take part in those.

  • Special programmes for pupils

    Are you a pupil? Surely, if you go to a secondary school, you can participate in the courses for occasional students, too. Before deciding on it, please take a look of other offers for you below.

    To complete entire courses, including the examinations at the end of those, you should refer to Junior Studies programme.

    If you want to get a first taste of a lecture of particular courses, you should visit our Discovery Days and orientation seminars, in which you can get further information for your later study choice

    If you are up to visit us with your entire school class, we also offer you specific presentations, individual courses, and series of courses.

  • Special programmes for refugees

    Friedrich Schiller University Jena supports refugees in gaining a foothold in Germany and offers them new prospects. The International Office at the University provides refugees eligible for university with different pathways to studying—e.g. the auditor programme. We advise all prospective students on their individual possibilities. Please contact us once you have arrived in Jena/Thuringia safe and sound.


  • Other things you need to know

    You cannot take examinations in your chosen courses as part of the programme for occasional students. Upon request, you can ask the course leader to issue a certificate of attendance.


As an occasional student, you are not enrolled at the University and are thus not entitled to the insurance cover in case of accident within the facilities of the University.

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