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Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

In addition to CHE Ranking and Study Quality Monitor (SQM), the University participates in other German-wide surveys on learning culture and everyday student life, student finance, and studying with challenges. These surveys provide essential information for decisions related to education policy, for example equity in education, student loans, the federal Teacher Training Quality Campaign, and funding of higher education. For us as a university, they give us a good insight into the perception of studies and learning situation in Jena compared to other higher education institutions that enables us to improve the current conditions.

Participation in nationwide higher education surveys

„Studying in Times of Corona“ (STECCO)

The Coronavirus has affected public life over the past months including you as our students. We would like to understand what kind of opportunities, challenges and risks there are for you in the current situation.

The Leibniz Institute for Research an Information in Education conducted a nationwide survey in summer semester of 2021, in which the University of Jena also participated. The survey will be repeated in the winter semester 2021/22.

Studying with challenges (best2)
Social Survey (DSW)
Student Survey on learning situation and study orientation (BMBF)
Student Drop-Out – Extent and Motives (DZHW)
Survey on teacher training
„Studying in Times of Corona“ (DZHW) (Summer 2020)

The Coronavirus has affected public life over the past months including our students. We would like to understand what kind of opportunities, challenges and risks there are in the current situation.

In order to increase our efforts and to provide better support for our students, the University of Jena has decided to join a national survey which aims at getting insight into the challenges you are currently facing, particularly as to digital teaching formats, the current employment/financial situation, and how  studies can be continued successfully under the given circumstances.

The survey run in June 2020. The results will be found here. External link

Success and risk factors in master’s programmes (DZHW)

In January and February 2020, an online-supported survey (in German only) of former master’s students was conducted by the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW)External link. The survey dealed with success and risk factors in master’s programmes and was carried out on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and ResearchExternal link.

Despite steadily growing student numbers of master’s students, little is known about the conditions in master’s programmes. Very few well-founded empirical studies address the course of studies in master’s programmes. The survey of former students aimed at exploring the success and risk factors in master’s programmes.

Master’s students who dropped out of their institution of higher education in the 2018/19 winter semester or 2019 summer semester were interviewed. Their assessments and verdicts are important in order to gain well-founded knowledge about master’s programmes and make improvements at institutions of higher education.

  Learn more External link

The results are published here after the survey has been evaluated.

Student Survey on attractiveness of healthcare jobs

The nationwide student survey in February 2020 on the topic of the attractiveness of jobs is conducted by the Network of Young Public Health Professionals (NÖG) conducted a nationwide student survey  in coorperation with the Academy of Public Health, the Federal Association of Public Health Service Doctors (BVÖGD) and the Federal Association of Medical Students in Germany (bvmd).

The focus of the online survey are (1) student's requirements and demands of their jobs and furure employers and (2) training and career paths in the field of public health sector.

The results will be published here soon.