Postdoc in front of blackboard with formulas

Postdoctoral phase

Information on career steps, general conditions and offers of the university
Postdoc in front of blackboard with formulas
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
University main building
Postdoc in Jena
What does the postdoc status mean? Why should you come to Jena?...
Career paths after the doctorate
Career paths in the postdoc phase
How to navigate your way through the postdoc phase? Which ways lead...
Money clip
Financing & Legal issues
How can I get funding? Which laws and regulations are relevant for...
Moment of advice
Advisory services & mentoring
Where can postdocs get advice?
Event in Rosensäle
How can get extra skills training? Which offers are available?
Hands with world map
Incoming & Outgoing
How do I get started in Germany? How can I realise a research stay...
Hands united
Representation of interests & Initiatives
Who represents the interests of postdocs? What interdisciplinary...
Children playing with books
Family & Diversity
How do I balance family and postdoc? How can I do a postdoc with a...
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