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15 May 2020
Controlling cells with light
A research team from Jena, Munich and New York develops an active substance that controls an important component of the...
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The new drug called Optojasp only becomes active when violet light irradiates it.
Image: Jürgen Scheere
29 Apr 2020
Major Depression: Early Prognosis for Ketamine Therapy
Jena University Hospital coordinates a European research network that aims at establishing therapeutic biomarkers for treatment...
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Prof. Dr Martin Walter (right) and Dr Florian Götting measure brain network activity in the MRI.
Image: Michael Szabo/UKJ
28 Apr 2020 · Light
Black holes have no hair
International research team verifies the validity of the "No Hair" theorem by actual observations
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Artistic illustration of the centre of OJ 287, in which two black holes orbit each other.
Picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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