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The K1 - Startup Service is the central point of contact for all students, graduates and scientists of the Friedrich Schiller University who are interested in the topic of starting a business or want to implement a concrete business idea. Former university members can also take advantage of our support, regardless of how long ago they studied or worked at the Friedrich Schiller University.

University members with an idea for which it is not yet clear how it can or should be implemented are also supported (founding a company, selling to companies, non-profit association, cooperation with external partners, social entrepreneurs, etc.).

In addition, the startup service supports university teaching through practical offers in the field of entrepreneurship.

Since 2011, the K1 - Startup Service has coordinated the Thuringian University Startup NetworkExternal link, to which all Thuringian universities belong. In addition, at the Jena site, there is also close cooperation in the area of start-up support with the University Hospital, Ernst Abbe University Jena and non-university research institutions, which is to be further intensified and expanded.


The K1 - Startup Service is part of the Service Centre Research and Transfer, together with the Property Rights Service, the Patent Information Center and the Nucleus Jena project, promotes knowledge and technology transfer between science, business and society.

Since 1999, when the EXIST program began, extensive support structures and services have been established in a targeted manner, including entrepreneurial teaching programs, which were initiated to a large extent through the funding of the individual EXIST program phases (EXIST I, III and IV). Currently, the funding of the International Startup CampusExternal link as part of EXIST V is expanding the startup support to include an international orientation. This is being done in cooperation with the University of Leipzig and the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

With the establishment of the startup center at Kahlaische Straße 1 in 2008, the K1 - Startup Service, the Property Rights Service and the Patent Information Center were combined and space was created for startup teams.


  1. Daldrup, Valerie Netzwerkbildung, Startup-Ansiedlung I EXIST V SZ Forschung u. Transfer
  2. Möser, Ede Internationale Gründungsberatung I EXIST V SZ Forschung u. Transfer
  3. Piontek, Matthias Gründungsberatung | Koordination Thüringer Hochschulgründernetzwerk SZ Forschung u. Transfer
    Matthias Piontek
    Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
  4. Schindek, Ralf Gründungsberatung SZ Forschung u. Transfer
  5. Schwarz, Torsten, Dr Lehre | Weiterbildung - allgemeine und berufsbezogene unternehmerische Grundausbildung | berufsbezogene Weiterbildung SZ Forschung u. Transfer
    Torsten Schwarz
    Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
  6. von Nordheim, Kerstin Internationale Netzwerke I EXIST V Internationales Büro
    Kerstin  von Nordheim
    Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)