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Setting up your own business

Information and points of contact related to starting a new business
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Setup your business and start today!

For most people starting up a new company is a big step which can result in self-fulfilment and major career opportunities, but may also poses risks. The latter, however, may be minimized and taking account of individual conditions. K1 – START-UP SERVICE of the University provides you with extensive advisory services. These range from the your initial idea to the actual start-up. The services also include continuing education courses and other qualification opportunities, networking, premises as well as access to funding options and risk capital. Many students are interested in start-ups originating from the research activities that are usually even more successful than "conventional" new businesses.

For more information on setting up your own business, please refer to:
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy: basic information, advisory services, funding options, software.
Advisory and other services of the Erfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce
"Enterprise Thüringen e.V.” initiative: qualifications for young people interested in starting up their own businesses.
Starting up a business in Jena

K1 Start-Up Services
University Main Building, Room 2.06
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena