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Financial support for students
Deutschlandstipendium certificate
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Would you like to give talented and committed students the opportunity to develop their skills and competencies?

Are you interested in getting to know young and talented people during their studies and sparking their interest in your company at an early stage?

Do you want to help keep future top performers in the region to strengthen the local area?

If so, we have an idea for you:
You can fund high-achieving students at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena with a Deutschlandstipendium.

The scholarship programme

Scholarship holders receive 300 euros a month in funding for at least a year and—at most—until the end of the standard duration of their study programme.

Half of each scholarship is funded by a sponsor, and the other half is contributed by the federal government. This means that you can finance a full scholarship with a donation of just 150 euros a month (i.e. 1,800 euros a year), because this amount is matched through the scholarship programme run by the federal government.

The Friedrich Schiller University Jena acts as a mediator and assures quality. The funding is paid out in full to the students.

Funding opportunities


You can support one student for several years or more than one student for at least a year. The total funding is €1,800 per year. You can give the scholarship your name.


You can support one student for a year with a total amount of €1,800.


You can donate at least €200 to the scholarship programme. Your donation will be pooled with others to create a joint scholarship.

A scholarship committee at the University, which is made up of the Academic Affairs Committee, the Head of Division for Student Affairs, and the Equal Opportunities Officer, selects the scholarship holders. As a sponsor or patron, you can also participate in an advisory capacity beforehand.

Criteria for the allocation of scholarships


You can support both new students and those in higher semesters. Outstanding academic performance is the first selection criterion.

Commitment and volunteering

Other important factors in the selection process include volunteering and the willingness to take responsibility for social issues.

Special circumstances

Special social, family-related, and personal circumstances are also taken into account.

Your benefits as a sponsor

You can get to know and support young and talented people.
Deutschlandstipendium Stipendiaten
You can make funded students aware of your company.
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Do you have any questions about funding? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Student recruitment and marketing
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