FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions​

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions​

What is diversity?

Diversity means understanding that each individual is unique and respects the diversity of people and their lifestyles.

In the context of higher education, diversity means the equality of all people working at the university. This includes equal opportunities for work, education and participation for all students, doctoral candidates, applicants and employees of the university. However, equal participation and opportunities are hindered by various forms of discrimination. For example, educational success is still strongly dependent on the financial means of the parents, gender, sexual orientation or identity, origin, skin color, faith or ideology, physical or mental health, age, appearance and caring responsibilities in the family.

Why does University Jena have a diversity office?

To promote and implement the mandate to realize equal opportunities for all members of the university. 

Since the implementation of the Thuringian Higher Education Act 2018, the tasks of the Thuringian universities include the commissioning for diversity. The mandate provides that the participation of all members, affiliates, PhD students and applicants of the university in research, teaching, studies and further education is enabled without discrimination.

The needs of applicants, students and doctoral candidates with disabilities, mental or chronic illnesses, students with children and/or dependents in need of care, foreign students and professionally qualified students without a university entrance qualification are taken into account through the work of the Diversity Office in the organization of study programs, in examinations and in the area of sports and culture.

Can I find the right contact person for me in the Diversity Office?

The Diversity Office is open to all members of the university for consultation questions. Together we will discuss your concerns and work out a solution. It is up to you who you would like to be advised by.

The Diversity Office of the University of Jena is a counseling center for all students, members, family members, doctoral candidates and applicants of the university who are affected by discrimination and multiple discrimination. You can consult us or complain if you feel discriminated against on racist grounds or because of ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity (§ 1 AGG).

In coordination with the Equal Opportunity Officer, the Representative for Severely Disabled Persons and the Inclusion Officer, we are committed to eliminating existing disadvantages and barriers in the planning and organization of teaching, study and working conditions for the members and staff of the university.

Information on the procedure for students to register a change of name at the University of Jena.

The University of Jena wants to reduce experiences of discrimination by its students. For this reason it recognizes the dgti supplementary ID.

In principle, the student's own given name cannot be changed. It is chosen by the legal guardians in connection with birth and is the individual identifying mark of a person. Nevertheless, there are important reasons for changing one's name for which it is possible to deviate from this principle. These include, among others, cases where there is a discrepancy between the official given name and the gender identity of the person who bears that name.

Procedure for changing the given name and/or gender in the University’s records:

(1) Please make changes to the personal data registered in the student database using the "Change Notification" form in the Student Service Center. When doing so, please also attach the documents named in the form (e.g. a copy of the dgti supplementary ID). 

change notification.pdfExternal link 

(2) Please apply for the change of your University E-Mail address via the URZ Service Desk (the registration change in the Student Administration under (1) should already have been completed)

- FSUJ Service Desk (uni-jena.de)External link 

(3) If you want to exchange your Thoska card for one showing the new personal data, then you can get this done at the Thoska office during its opening hours. [Note however that when using the Thoska card as a train ticket, some people will prefer to have it showing the same personal data as their passport.] 

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