Flowers in Jena

Objectives and tasks

Objectives, tasks and history of the Graduate Academy
Flowers in Jena
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

The Graduate Academy of Friedrich Schiller University Jena is the university's central institution for all doctoral researchers and postdocs. It offers them broad service in all interdisciplinary matters and supports them in and between all career phases: from Bachelor and Master to their way to a professorship, into science management or into professional fields in economy and society.

At the same time, the Graduate Academy is working on the implementation of university-wide quality standards, for example by developing recommendations and guidelines. The Graduate Academy is also the umbrella institution for the structured doctoral programmes, which can become member institutions of the Graduate Academy and thus be subject to quality assurance.

The Graduate Academy was founded in 2006 and was incorporated into the university's basic regulations in 2012 (Art. 27a of the Constitution of FSU JenaExternal link). It was initially located at the 'Accouchierhaus' (Jenergasse 8). Since 2012, it has moved to its new home in the 'Zur Rosen' House for Young Researchers. In addition to the office of the Graduate Academy the Welcome and Service Desk for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs is also located there.

  • Central aims

    Central aims of the Graduate Academy are:

    • Support of doctoral candidates and postdocs
    • Implementation of general binding key­characteristics and quality standards
    • Conserving the plurality of tracks leading to a PhD degree
    • Minimising bureaucratic demands on researchers
    • Providing space for initiatives of young researchers
  • History of the Graduate Academy

    June 2006
    The Graduate Academy is founded as a "central scientific institution" by the University's Senate

    January 2007
    The "Vice Rectorate for the Graduate Academy" is set up by the University Council (Konzil) after electing its first Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Amélie Mummendey

    April 2007
    Eleven professors from all faculties of FSU Jena are appointed as founding group members; the administrative office takes up its work to support the Vice Rector

    April 2008
    The University Senate passes the Statutes of the Graduate Academypdf, 182 kb · de

    June 2008
    Election and constitution of the first Board of the Academy

    November 2008
    Constitution of the Executive Committee

    External evaluation by a committee consisting of members of the Senate and the University Council headed by Prof. Dr. Hans Weder (University of Zurich)

    July 2011
    Prof. Dr. Erika Kothe is appointed as "Vice Rector for Young Researchers and Diversity Management" and Scientific Director of the Graduate Academy

    April 2012
    The Graduate Academy and the status group "doctoral candidates" are integrated into FSU Jena's ConstitutionExternal link

    July 2012
    Festive opening ceremony of the House for Young Researchers as the central contact point for all doctoral candidates and postdocs at FSU Jena

    November 2013
    First election of the Doctoral Council of FSU Jena (DR.FSU)External link spanning all the faculties of the University

    October 2014
    Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner is appointed as new "Vice-President for Young Researchers and Diversity Management"

    February 2015
    Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner is appointed as new Scientific Director of the Graduate Academy

    Evaluation of the Graduate Academy by a commission appointed by the Senate