Bicycle stand in the colors of the rainbow

Mobility and transport

Offers for environmentally friendly mobility at the University of Jena
Bicycle stand in the colors of the rainbow
Image: twarezak/pixabay

The mobility sector was responsible for around 20% of total emissions in Germany in 2019. According to the Federal Ministry for the EnvironmentExternal link, the main reasons for this are the use of fossil fuels, the increase in total mileage in Germany and the rising number of cars and flights in passenger and cargo transport. 

In order to keep climate-damaging emissions from mobility low in the future, a shift toward increased walking, cycling and use of public transportation is therefore essential. In the following, we present offers that make it easier for university members to use public transport and thus get around in a climate-friendly way.

Student mobility

Semester ticket and public transport ticket (VMT-Ticket)

All students who are regularly enrolled at the University of Jena are automatically in possession of a train and local transport ticket, as well as a VMT ticket, due to the semester ticket portion included in their semester fee. 

This means that all students can use public transport for distances to and from the university that can no longer be covered on foot or by bicycle.

In more detail, this means that both the tram and buses of Jena's local public transport system and, for example, the local trains of Deutsche Bahn or Abellio Rail in Thuringia can be used simply by showing the valid Thoska. Bicycles can also be taken on local trains within Thuringia without additional payment. For the buses and trams within Jena, however, an additional ticket must be purchased for bicycle transport. 

With the VMT ticket, students can also use all lines in the area of the Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen (VMT), i.e. also those of the Erfurt public transport company, the PVG Weimarer Land and others.

Detailed information, for example on the exact area of validity of the semester ticket, can be found on the corresponding Website of the StudierendenwerkExternal link.

However, if you do need a car, as a holder of the VMT semester ticket you also have the opportunity to use teilAuto vehicles at more favorable special conditions. You can find all the information about this on the VMT websiteExternal link.


Many routes in Jena can be covered by bicycle. If your own bike needs a repair, you can get support at the self-help workshop of the ADFC Jena-Saaletal. For those who do not yet have a bike, the ADFC Jena-Saaletal offers low-priced bikes that were refurbished on an electronic pinboardExternal link.

Mobilität for members of the University of Jena

The VMT job ticket

All employees of the University of Jena have the opportunity to purchase discounted season tickets for specific routes (discount level 10%) of the "Verbundtarif Mittelthüringen". Annual passes with one-time payment or annual passes with monthly payment are possible. With the "City Tarif" annual tickets for the city area of Jena (bus/tram) are also possible. 

With the VMT job ticket, all employees of the University of Jena have the opportunity to use the public transport at a lower cost than it is possible with the standard tariffs. By using public transport, they thus contribute to reducing the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases, as well as noise and stress in the city area. 

Information on the Job Ticket can be found on the website of the Travel Cost CenterExternal link