Jena at night

We create impact

How the University helps shape society through knowledge
Jena at night
Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena)

Outstanding research can only develop its full potential if it is perceived and embraced. That is why the Friedrich Schiller University sees it as its core strategic task to proactively transfer ideas, knowledge and technologies to economy, society and culture. In this way, it enables societal players to further develop society on the basis of scientific knowledge – and helps to shape it itself. As a scientific centre and innovation hub, it makes a significant contribution to regional development.

The University of Jena fulfils its responsibility not only to impart education to students, but also to offer a wide range of age-appropriate programmes at schools and through various continuing education formats for people of all ages.

And the members of the University of Jena get involved. They provide information in the context of current discourses, advise politicians and actively involve citizens in research. In this way, they strengthen the understanding of science among the population.

To ensure that all members of the University can participate in these activities with confidence, experts from the Friedrich Schiller University offer a wide range of advisory services.