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The road to a sustainable university
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Graphic: Liana Franke

In order to concretise the goals of the Declaration of Principles on Sustainability  of the University of Jena, we started to develop a sustainability strategy in the summer semester of 2022. On this page you will find all the information regarding the process.

As one of the largest places of education and innovation in Thuringia, the University of Jena has a responsibility to commit to sustainable development in view of the urgency of social transformation processes. In all university areas, goals and measures are required that reduce the university's resource consumption and anchor sustainability in the university's everyday culture. Here we rely on the experiences and ideas of all groups of actors at the university! With the help of interested university members and the support of the members of the Executive Board a sustainability strategy a draft for the sustainability strategy was developed. Thanks to the broad participation of different status groups of the university, expertise and new impulses for change can be combined. The process is supported by the Green Office.

At the moment, the drafts of the working groups are being adapted to each other in terms of content and form so that a holistic strategy will emerge. At the same time, the goals are being checked for their feasibility. The strategy will then be submitted to the Senate for approval in the first quarter of 2023.

The kick-off of the Zukunftswerkstatt on May 31, 2022

The kick-off event for the development of a sustainability strategy was a first step towards more sustainability at our university. Ideas sprouted in the various world cafés of the Zukunftswerkstatt on May 31, 2022 - many thanks to everyone who participated!

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The process of creating a holistic sustainability strategy
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Opportunities for participation at the Zukunftswerkstatt
The working groups of the Zukunftswerkstatt are introduced