Students in Jena city

The Honours Programme at the University of Jena

Students in Jena city
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

The Honours Programme for future researchers...

... is about giving talented students from all disciplines a deeper insight into research processes during their studies. Our Goal is to enabling the students to participate in the scientific community and preparing them for a scientific career. Students apply together with a supervisor and their own small research project. The Honours Programme consists of three components: individual support provided by the Honours mentoring, key qualifications and interdisciplinary exchange in the Honours workshops, and financial support provided via the Honours funds.

Here is what Honours Students say about the Programme:

Dongik Chang
Dongik Chang
"Thanks to the Honours Programme, I became more confident that I can become a better prepared and competent researcher after graduation. Thanks to the Honours Funds, I could buy costly and newly published academic books and attend international conferences."


Honours Programme

Office hours:
Wednesday 10am to 11am (online) and 12am to 1pm (Service Desk Haus Zur Rosen)