Exhibition of the photos in the photo competition "Hats off!"

Photo competition "Hats off!"

Looking for Jena's most beautiful doctoral hat
Exhibition of the photos in the photo competition "Hats off!"
Image: Christoph Worsch

The most beautiful Doctor's hat has been chosen! More than 300 people voted online and selected Tobias Kaaden's hat as the most beautiful doctoral hat of the last year. Kaaden worked at the Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research. The hat reflects two pillars of his doctoral period: the construction of a large-scale laboratory device for researching phase transformations in Cu-Zn-Al alloys and his voluntary work with the volunteer fire brigade in the field of hazardous materials. The doctor's hat itself is therefore placed on a discarded fire brigade helmet decorated with copper elements and hazard symbols.

Second place this year went to the hat of Pallabi Paul, who does research at the Institute of Applied Physics. Third place went to the hat of Franziska Hausig-Punke from the Institute for Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry.

You can find all submitted pictures here.

Winning pictures of Photo competition 2024

Hat of Tobias Kaaden
1st place
Tobias Kaaden:
Experimentelle Untersuchung von raschen Festkörperphasenumwandlungen in Cu-Zn-Al-Legierungen