Droplets are falling on a water surface.

Bio-Geo Interactions

Droplets are falling on a water surface.
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

Geological research is paramount for future societal challenges and tasks, especially with regard to the limited availability of geological resources, responsibility for sustainable developments, global change and the early recognition of geohazards.

The research area of geo-bio interactions explores complex processes like weathering, the development of soil fertility, climate change and the loss of diversity in an interdisciplinary context. These processes are characterized by repeated interactions and numerous feedback-loops between geological-mineral, physico-chemical and biological processes.

Research Projects and Facilities

Groundwater Sampling at the Hainich Critical Zone Exploratory.
The collaborative research center ‘AquaDiva’ investigates the connections of the above- and be-lowground biogeosphere.