Two notebooks and people working on them.

Studying and Teaching

Courses on the topic of sustainability
Two notebooks and people working on them.
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Student sitting on a meadow with her back to the camera and working on the laptop
Student sitting on a meadow with her back to the camera and working on the laptop
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Higher education plays a central role in addressing the current global crises. As transformative education, it imparts knowledge, encourages to reflect on self and world relations, and inspires to take action. With its study and teaching programs, the Friedrich Schiller University supports its students in taking responsibility for sustainable development and in helping to shape processes of social change in a scientifically sound manner.

Teaching courses

At the University of Jena, a variety of courses and specializations are available that deal with sustainability from many different angles. Therefore, a wide range of sustainability-related classes is available for students.

HereExternal link you can now find courses related to sustainability right in the Friedolin portal.

This list is not complete yet. So if you attend a sustainability-related class, feel free to make the lecturer aware of the possibility to add the class there. This will help other interested students to find sustainability-related classes more quickly. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact the Green Office.

For the possibility of participation outside of your core studies, please contact your departmental advisor and the respective lecturers.

Further Education

This semester there will be two public lecture series that deal with sustainability from different perspectives. Every Thursday at 4:15 p. m. you can find out about current topics related to sustainable ecology, economy and society. Both formats are public and no registration is required.

Lecture series on sustainability

The lecture series provides an insight into current issues, central themes and controversies in sustainability research and introduces different disciplinary approaches to sustainability problems. Find out more.  de

Studium Generale - Sustainability

The Studium Generale is aimed at interested students who are interested in scientific topics and want to take a look beyond the boundaries of their own discipline. This semester, the Studium Generale is dedicated to the topic of sustainability. Find out more.