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25 May 2020
Information about coronavirus
The current situation at the University
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Symbolbild Virus
22 May 2020
Studies and Teaching
How to master a crisis
New Master’s programme “International Organisations and Crisis Management” at the University of Jena
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Überflutete Straße nach einem Hurricane in Florida.
19 May 2020
The world is made of more than just ones and zeros
Online activities for Diversity Day on 26 May
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Vielfarbige Drehscheibe
15 May 2020 · Light · Life
Controlling cells with light
A research team from Jena, Munich and New York develops an active substance that controls an important component of the ...
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Der neue Wirkstoff namens Optojasp wird erst aktiv, wenn violettes Licht darauf fällt.
11 May 2020 · Life
Frankincense reprograms inflammatory enzyme
Research team has clarified the anti-inflammatory effect of a natural product from frankincense resin
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Weihrauchharz aus Afrika (l.) und Indien. Extrakte daraus können Entzündungen hemmen.
8 May 2020 · Life
Contagious, destructive, and yet still useful
About the role of viruses in nature speak in this interview Prof. Dr Manja Marz and Prof. Dr Georg Pohnert.
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Bioinformatikerin Prof. Dr. Manja Marz und Chemiker Prof. Dr. Georg Pohnert
5 May 2020
Personality in time of crisis?
Psychologist Prof. Franz J. Neyer on the impact of the corona crisis on personality
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Prof. Dr. Franz J. Neyer.
29 Apr 2020
Major Depression: Early Prognosis for Ketamine Therapy
Jena University Hospital coordinates a European research network that aims at establishing therapeutic biomarkers for ...
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Prof. Dr. Martin Walter (r.) und Dr. Florian Götting messen die Hirn-Netzwerkaktivität im MRT.
28 Apr 2020 · Light
Black holes have no hair
International research team verifies the validity of the "No Hair" theorem by actual observations
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Künstlerische Darstellung des Zentrums von OJ 287, in dem sich zwei Schwarze Löcher umkreisen.
22 Apr 2020
A picture is worth 1,000 words
Dr Michael Böhme turns numbers of Covid-19 cases in Thuringia into graphics
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Dr. Michael Böhme in seinem Labor im Institut für Anorganische und Analytische Chemie.
16 Apr 2020
“The corona crisis is the epitome of a transboundary crisis”
Interview on corona crisis management of international organizations with political scientist Christian Kreuder-Sonnen
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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Kreuder-Sonnen
10 Apr 2020
Freedom of choice is more than just picking options
Philosopher and Hegel expert Prof. Dr Klaus Vieweg on a misunderstood concept of freedom in the corona crisis
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Prof. Dr. Klaus Vieweg
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