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2019-06-21 · Life
Fungus produces highly effective surfactant
Research team discovers previously unknown natural products in soil fungus Mortierella alpina.
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Dr Markus Greßler (l.) and Florian Baldeweg
Awards and Personnel
Walter Rosenthal re-elected President of Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Senate and University Council members vote unanimously for second term
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Prof. Dr Walter Rosenthal, President of Friedrich Schiller University Jena
2019-06-05 · Light
As hot as the Sun’s interior
Physicists create plasma for the first time using nanowires and long-wavelength ultrashort pulse laser
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Dr Zhanna Samsonova and Dr Daniil Kartashov in a laser lab.
Amber fossils in X-ray light
Particle accelerator unlocks the secrets of parasite larva
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Belly view of the larva of a Strepsiptera.
2019-05-28 · Light
Awards and Personnel
Using simulations to understand disruption of space-time
Sebastiano Bernuzzi is new Professor of Gravitational Theory
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According to Sebastiano Bernuzzi, Jena offers the best environment to advance his research.
2019-05-20 · Life
Size is everything
Ecologist Ulrich Brose develops a new method to predict the vulnerability of ecosystems. Predators play a key role.
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Pioneer of Modern Science
Science historians explain Ernst Haeckel's definition of ecology
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Elizabeth Watts
How grunting influences perception in tennis
Research team of sport psychologists unravels the role of auditory perception in tennis
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ball and racket
2019-04-12 · Light
Research · Awards and Personnel
Compact lasers as alternative to synchrotron facilities
Physicist Prof. Jens Limpert receives prestigious ERC Advanced Grant
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Prof. Dr Jens Limpert
2019-04-09 · Life
Plant diversity increases insect diversity
New biodiversity study uses data from the Jena Experiment
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Jena Experiment
Celebrating and making an impact
Tickets on sale for the Jena University Summer Festival on 28 June
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Symbolbild Sommerfest
2019-04-01 · Light · Life · Liberty
English-language edition of Jena University’s research magazine LICHTGEDANKEN follows scientists in their search for ...
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