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Studies and Teaching
Early-on discovery and support for young research talents
Friedrich Schiller University Jena starts programme to support research oriented students
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Prof. Dr Uwe Cantner.
Awards and Personnel
Two of the best German researchers are from Jena
The Leibniz Prize goes to the Professors Johannes Grave and Markus Reichstein
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Leibniz Prize winners 2020 Prof. Dr Johannes Grave (r.) and Prof. Dr Markus Reichstein.
Huge tsunami hit Oman 1,000 years ago
A natural event of similar magnitude would have devastating consequences today, warn researchers
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During sampling (from left): Christoph Grützner (Jena); Benjamin Koster, Klaus Reicherter and Sascha Schneiderwind (all Aachen).
2019-11-18 · Life
Antibiotics from the sea
Research team cultivates marine bacteria that had previously been paid little attention and taps potential source of new ...
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Divers collect leaves of Posidonia oceanica in the bay of Calvi (Corsica).
2019-11-13 · Light
Distant worlds under many suns
Astrophysicist discovers numerous multiple star systems with exoplanets
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Three suns in the sky of the nearest exoplanet Proxima Centauri b (artist's impression).
2019-10-30 · Life
Parasite manipulates algal metabolism for its own benefit
Pathogenic fungi attack diatoms in the ocean and trigger the formation of new, beneficial substances in the algae
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Healthy (left) and infected (right) diatom Coscinodiscus granii.
2019-10-24 · Life
Higher local earthworm diversity in Europe than in the tropics
Global climate change could alter earthworm communities worldwide
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A young earthworm.
2019-10-23 · Life
Time travel through the evolution of terrestrial plants
An international research consortium to which scientists from Jena contributed has presented data on how plant groups, their ...
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Prof. Günter Theißen and Dr Lydia Gramzow of the Matthias Schleiden Institute.
Benefit and risk
Meta-analysis draws a heterogeneous picture of drug-coated balloon angioplasty
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A balloon catheter.
Knowledge Transfer and Innovation
Helping Jena’s science network to grow further
Carl Zeiss Foundation provides 18.4 million euros to fund two Jena University communication centres
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One of the two communication centers will be built next to the university main building (dark block).
2019-10-09 · Light
Awards and Personnel
Jena Honorary Doctor awarded Nobel Prize
University of Jena congratulates its Honorary Doctor John Bannister Goodenough for 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
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In 2018, John B. Goodenough (m.) was awarded an honorary doctorate.
2019-10-02 · Life
Tracking the HI virus
Researchers make visible, how AIDS pathogens multiply in the body
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Prof. Dr Christian Eggeling
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