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Flying for hours is not necessary in the search for new impressions. Already in our neighboring countries there are many unforgettable experiences and encounters waiting for you.

The FSU sends almost 300 students abroad every year. After completing the first year of studies up to and including the doctorate, students can be funded for a study stay of between three and twelve months at a foreign host university.

The partnerships of the ERASMUS + program relate to the individual departments and/or courses. By coordinating the partner universities with the respective department, you will be able to enjoy a high-quality exchange that, with the courses on offer, is a useful addition to your studies at the FSU.

Advantages of ERASMUS+ study

  • no tuition fees at the host university
  • mobility funding graded according to country groups
  • comprehensive support and advice by permanent contacts before, during and after your stay abroad
  • acknowledgment of study achievements 
  • participation in free intercultural training and language courses possible
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  • member states of the European Union
  • EFTA/EEA countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway as well as Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, and Macedonia

Caution: As of the academic year 2014/15, Switzerland no longer participates in the ERASMUS programme. Studying in Switzerland is, however, still possible. As the Swiss government subsidizes exchange activities, you can receive a partial grant for the stay at one of our Swiss partner universities. For more information, please contact your host university in Switzerland.

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According to the Erasmus Impact Study, young people who complete part of the their studies or training abroad not only acquire new expertise, but also important cross-cutting skills that are highly valued by employers.

A new study on the impact of Erasmus, the EU exchange program for students, shows that graduates with international experience do much better in the job market. They are only half as likely to be unemployed over a longer period of time as those who have not been abroad for study or training, and their unemployment rate is 23% lower five years after graduation.

The study, prepared by independent experts, is the most extensive of its kind to date; it is based on almost 80,000 responses from both students and companies. For more information about the study please read the official press release.

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Here you can see in which countries your fellow students spent their stay abroad, as well as the most popular cities and universities in Europe.

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