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Various programms for different people

Founded by John Frederick I. as "Hohe Schule", several renowned experts have been educated at the University since then, for example Goethe, Schiller, Döbereiner, Fichte, Schelling, Haeckel, Abbe, and Zeiss. Nowadays, the University of Jena is a modern university with first-rate scientists in various disciplines. It offers study programmes in humanities, in social and natural sciences, often encompassing several fields of research.

In addition to its interdisciplinary study programmes, the University of Jena also has the task to reach out to those people beyond usual target audiences by offering multifarious educational options. Some of those are lifelong learning as well as special series or individual events which are designed for those interested in academic topics — regardless of their age and previous knowledge.

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Occasional students
University for curious people of all ages
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General studies
One topic, many points of view
University for children
University for curious little minds between six and twelve years
Test tube
Junior studies
At our university, you can do it both—go to school and study
Test on biomechanic
University for senior citizens
Lectures for curious people in their “third age”


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