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What is the university network?

In 1995, the largest universities in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia agreed to collaborate to successfully pursue joint teaching projects and research projects. The collaboration within research has gained momentum and a joint mentoring programme for postgraduates supports early-career researchers. A large number of students take part in exchanges and in specific research projects at all three locations. Being able to choose from various focuses in the subjects available, students can tailor their studies according to their individual interests and objectives. Take a look at the options available beyond your home university. Courses being part of the collaboration provide interesting perspectives and can generally be recognized at your home university.

What does the network of universities offer? Show content

The participating universities offer the following options to individualize your studies in the network of universities according to your interests:

  • visiting courses
  • acquisition of grade records
  • taking examinations in minor subjects and compulsory subjects (if this is in accordance with the examination regulations)
  • using libraries and other facilities of the universities
  • recognition of coursework and examinations based on the equivalence which is to be checked by the examinations office at the home university.
Which courses are offered? Show content

For further information on the lectures offered, please refer to the respective course catalogue:

Where can I enrol? Show content

Enrolment always takes place at the institution of higher education where the admission for parallel studies takes place. The institution then issue a joint student ID. The Student Service Centre (Jena), the Student Office (Halle) or the Student Service Centre (Leipzig) then enter the planned activities upon presentation of the valid student ID for the corresponding semester in the joint student ID. The student ID is issued for a semester in each case and can be renewed/extended.

Is there support for travel costs? Show content

Students of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena who attend courses in Halle or Leipzig and have a student ID for parallel studies can request a small grant for travel costs from the student organization services Studierendenwerk Thüringen. You may apply for the grant at INFOtake.

How are academic achievements recognized? Show content

Please clarify with your department and particularly with the examinations office at the home university whether the courses and academic achievements for which you would like to register and complete can be recognized in accordance with the applicable study and examination regulations beforehand.

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