Stift mit Statistiken

B: Research Methods

Statistics, literature and data management & Co.
Stift mit Statistiken
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

While working on a scientific problem you will apply fundamental and advanced research methods. There are lots of transdisciplinary questions, e.g. with respect to research design, data collection and data analysis, presenting and defending of findings and implementing them into real-world settings outside academia. The workshops on specific research methods vary from offers on statistic procedures and software packages, methods of text analysis and interpretation as well as the training of efficient reading techniques.

Please feel free to contact the Graduate Academy with your requests and suggestions.

All current workshops of this category are available on the qualifications portal of Jena University.

Other offers at Jena University

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The Competence Center Digital Research (zedif) offers courses aimed at researchers on "digital topic s" in their research. These topics include research data management, programming using Python, R or Julia, usage of the command line, an introduction to HPC, version control with git, or the use of La TeX for scholarly communication.

The Department of methodology and evaluation research offers online courses. Available topics are: Introduction to structural equation modeling, Analysis of causal effects, Theories of psychometric tests, Introduction to the General Linear Model, Introduction and Statistics with R as well as Multilevel modeling.

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At FSU, there are various networks and groups in which you can exchange and discuss about different methods. The initiatives mentioned here are organized by doctoral candidates and/or postdocs. If you have started a method circle which is open to other participants, please contact us!