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Theses in different colours
Psychologist Juhi Parmar successful at the European final of the Three-Minute-Thesis-Competition
The Jena doctoral candidate Juhi Parmar on the stage during the european 3MT finale in Cologne
Image: Annett Margull
Announcements on a bulletin board
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Nearly 600 people voted online
Doctoral hat of Friederike Richter
Image: Friederike Richter
Hand in your pictures until 31 August
The image shows the lettering Spotlight Diversity in colorful letters in a white cloud, above are shown camera and cell phone
Graphic: Andreas Balg
Applications possible until 13 August
Logo of Rowena Morse Mentoring Programme
Graphic: Thüringer Kompetenznetzwerk Gleichstellung
New award for outstanding publications by doctoral candidates and postdocs of the Jena Alliance of Graduate Schools
The Scientist Siegfried Szapski
Image: Wikipedia
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Chancellor, Minister of State, and Prime Ministers acknowledge the success of international biodiversity research in Central Germany
Scientists of iDiv use the Leipzig Canopy Crane to investigate the hidden habitat in the treetops.
Image: Steffen Schellhorn
New funding scheme of University of Jena
Support for doctoral researchers who have fled Ukraine
Doctoral researcher of psychology wins Three-Minute-Thesis-Competition in Jena
Winners 2023: Juhi Parmar & Mrudula Arunkumar
Image: Tina Peißker
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Congratulations to Joachim Pupeza and Thomas Bocklitz!
Leibniz-IPHT scientists: PD Dr. Ioachim Pupeza & PD Dr. Thomas Bocklitz
Image: Leibniz-IPHT
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Federal Ministry of Economics supports the university and a spin-off with 3.6 million euros
Michael Streiber (l.) and Caroline Holick present functionalised polymer nanoparticles.
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)