Weltkugel auf Geldscheinen

Support for a research stay abroad

How do I finance a research stay abroad? Where can I get funding for attending a conference?
Weltkugel auf Geldscheinen
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Jena University supports you if you wish to arrange a stay abroad during your postdoc phase. In the context of international research you acquire important scientific and cultural additional qualifications no matter whether you go abroad for a research stay, the participation at a conference or workshop or a teaching exchange.

When you pursue a career in academia, international research experience is always a plus for your career. You should try and learn from the best as well as make use of the best research facilities worldwide. Even if that is too ambitious, getting a different perspective within your field of research can be of great help to develop your own research profile.

There are different ways to finance the travel and living expenses:

  • You can apply for open positions at a university or research institute abroad (international job market i.e. on the euraxess webpageExternal link).
  • You can apply for funding for a research stay or research project abroad. The funding should cover living expenses (salary or scholarship) as well as travel expenses and material costs.
  • If you write a grant application for a research project in Germany, you can add funding for travel expenses or even a research stay abroad of several weeks or months (i.e. with DFG Walter Benjamin programmeExternal link).
  • You can apply for travel grants, covering the costs for attending a conference, presenting your research in a guest lecture or doing a teaching exchange. In these cases, your salary should come from your home university and the extra costs can be covered by the grant.
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