Students enjoy the good view in Jena.

Increasing academic success, preventing dropouts!

Through the pilot project 'Student Academic Success​ Monitoring', we support students in their individual course of studies in the best possible way.   ​ ​   ​
Students enjoy the good view in Jena.
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What are the goals of the pilot project?

Our primary goal is to provide students with optimal support in their individual course of study. This is why the 'Student Academic Success Monitoring' project was launched at the University of Jena in 2021. 

The cornerstones of the project:

Cornerstones of the project
Cornerstones of the project

On the one hand, the faculties and institutes that participate in the project are provided with data on the study progress to analyse jointly. The Central Student Advisory Service will use this data to identify subject-specific needs for action in cooperation with the faculties and institutes involved in order to make more effective use of existing support options and establish new ones.

On the other hand, students will be given the opportunity to participate in the monitoring project on a voluntary basis. This will help to identify students with expected difficulties in their studies at an early stage. They can be proactively approached and offered tailored help.

In order to learn more about the specific reasons for individual dropouts, especially at the University of Jena, we will conduct online surveys and semi-structured interviews. We hope that these results will provide important impulses for the further development of support options for students.


Funding and planning:

The project is initially funded until the end of 2023. The Central Student Advisory Service will begin with two faculties and their modularized single-subject Bachelor's programmes and successively expand the project to other faculties and programmes.

Further partial goals of the project
Further partial goals of the project
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Project progress

last updated:
70% Finalization of data reports
goal: Continuation of the processes at the University of Jena (end of 2023)

Do you have questions about the project? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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  3. Nitsch, Steven Data analysis Division 1
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'Student Academic Success Monitoring' project