Students enjoy the good view in Jena.

Increasing academic success, preventing dropouts!

Through the Student Academic Success​ Monitoring, we support students in their individual course of studies in the best possible way.   ​ ​   ​
Students enjoy the good view in Jena.
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What are the goals?

On the one hand, the faculties and institutes that participate in the project are provided with data on the study progress to analyse jointly. The Central Student Advisory Service will use this data to identify subject-specific needs for action in cooperation with the faculties and institutes involved in order to make more effective use of existing support options and establish new ones.

On the other hand, students will be given the opportunity to participate in the monitoring on a voluntary basis. This will help to identify students with expected difficulties in their studies at an early stage. They can be proactively approached and offered tailored help.

In order to learn more about the specific reasons for individual dropouts, especially at the University of Jena, we will conduct online surveys and semi-structured interviews. We hope that these results will provide important impulses for the further development of support options for students.

Efficient learning methods, time management skills, motivational techniques and digital tools can help you get the most out of your studies. Our workshop series and accompanying materials will give you the support you need.
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