Mental health and mindfulness

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According to reports published by various health insurance companies (e.g. AOK Absenteeism Report 2019), the number of employees who are unable to work due to mental health problems—and the associated length of absence—has been on the rise throughout society for several years.

That’s why we have also launched various preventive measures to promote the mental health of employees and managers at the University of Jena.

Mental health initiatives

  • Advisory services and contacts:
    • The University´s health-promotion scheme is not only meant to work as an instrument of prevention, but also to serve as assistance during hardships. Below, you can find an overview of existing advisory services at the University, targeting different, individual health-related contexts:

Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapy

The Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapy is the point of contact concerning psychotherapeutic treatment for adults. Moreover, it is the teaching clinic for students enrolled in the continuing education programme Psychological Psychotherapy as well as the Outpatient Clinic for Research and Teaching at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. 

Working Group for Addicition Prevention and Support

The Working Group for Addicition Prevention and Support is the point of contact for all employees, including managers, regarding questions about the topics of addiction prevention and addictive disorders. 

Occupational Health

Occupational Health is the point of contact for occupational medical issues such as medical check-ups, check-ups before starting a new job at the University and during your occupation, check-ups regarding a gradual re-integration into the job, vaccination consultation, as well as consultation concerning occupational safety and health protection and the prevention of accidents. 

Section Staff Development/ University Health Management

The Section Staff Development and University Health Management provide consultation hours for managers and staff regarding all kinds of topics on mental health in the workplace. Together, we will assess if we can clear up your concerns during the consultation already or if additional help from other internal or external institutions is needed. 

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Representative for Employees with Disabilities

You can turn to the Representative for Employees with Disabilities with any questions you might have regarding a(/an imminent) severe disability or matters of equal opportunities, respectively. 

Staff Representative Council

The Staff Representative Council is the point of contact for all questions regarding individual occupation-related concerns. 

Were you unable to find the right point of contact?

Do you need help an/or support regarding another topic? You are welcome to contact us at any time!

  • For staff

    We offer a number of chaging workshops during the semester with different focal areas within the greater field of "mental health". Current topics and dates can be found in the Qualifications Portal.External link

    You can also request workshops tailored to a specific target group within the staff. 

  • For managers

    Managers play an important role when it comes to the mental health of their employees. We would like to raise awareness in managers regarding the topic of mental health and their influence on it and support them should cases of mental stress and strain occur within the team. Aside from individual advisory services, we also provide various workshops on mental health. 

  • For doctoral candidates

    The Graduate Academy of Friedrich Schiller University Jena is offering advisory services and workshops specifically geared towards the needs of doctoral candidates in rder to support them with the particular challenges during this phase of their studies. 

    For further information, please follow the link.

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Mental Health​ First Aid – ​Help with issues of wellbeing
The Mental-Health-First-Aid-Team of the University Jena offers confidential first aid for mental miseries and crisis.

For more information, please contact us!

Occupational Health Management