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Information on BAFöG abroad
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As part of your financial planning, you should check if you are entitled to BAFöG abroad. There may also be an opportunity for students who did not meet the requirements to qualify for BAFöG in Germany but were really close. However, it always depends on the country you choose, among other things.

Requirements Expand entry
  • the degree is beneficial to your study according to the level of education (confirmation from the university required)
  • at least part of your credits can be transferred
  • sufficient language skills
  • enrollment at the foreign university as a full-time student is guaranteed
  • training abroad must begin within the maximum funding period
Funding period Expand entry

Studying at a foreign university is usually funded for up to one year in a coherent period, in exceptional cases for up to another year. The semester abroad is not counted towards the maximum funding period.

Minimum duration: funding is only granted if study visits are at least 6 months long (exception: university cooperation programmes - at least 12 weeks), and internships in another country have to be at least 3 months long.

Services Expand entry
  • Subsidy for living expenses
  • Travel expenses (1x to and back)
  • Health insurance surcharge (possibly with private health insurance)
  • for required tuition fees (need proof) up to 4,600 euros for a maximum of one year
Further information Expand entry

Further information on BAFöG regulations can be found at:

Responsible offices for training support for studying abroad Expand entry

You can find the responsible offices for training support for studying abroad at: