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Certificate programmes

Lifelong learning to obtain additional certificates
Certificate and a rose
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Extend and professionalize your skills

By completing one of our professional certificate programmes, you can extend your existing knowledge and skills that you need for a successful professional life.

You are welcome to find out more about the content of the courses, the admission requirements, application process, and costs below.

  • Basic Skills for Teaching German

    Based on the cooperation of the University with Goethe Institute, this programme focuses on current standards in teacher training worldwide and on the latest developments in research on teaching German as a foreign language.

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  • Intercultural Trainer

    Intercultural trainers mediate knowledge and skills which prepare students to perform successfully in intercultural contexts. This can be effected both on a cross-culture basis and specifically for certain target cultures or action fields.

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  • Intercultural Coach

    Intercultural coaches both supervise and facilitate processes. They support their clients individually while developing action strategies for intercultural contact.

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  • Intercultural Mediator

    Intercultural mediators facilitate conflict situation by providing a structured and unbiased dialogue. At the same time, they can integrate intercultural aspects while resolving conflicts and thus respond to the complexity of conflicts.

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  • Laser Technology

    The aim of this course is to provide participants with competences required in decision-making in the area of laser technology and while applying lasers. At the beginning, participants acquire basic knowledge of laser technology, laser material processing, and laser measurement technology.

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  • Organizational Consulting for Educational Institutions

    Participants familiarize themselves with the content and forms of organizational consulting, with creating concepts for organizations in education sector, e.g. didactics in social pedagogy and in school education, with adult education as well as with the company-based training and continuing education.

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  • 65plus ‒ Market for the Future

    Participants of this course learn the psychological, sociological, and medical/clinical basics of ageing as well as relevant applications. In addition, they acquire knowledge about the entrepreneurial requirements for carrying out projects and conveys business ideas (e.g. on marketing, funding and funding opportunities).

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